Client Testimonials

I would like to recommend Elliot Cin to anyone that is looking for a respectful, honest and reliable lawyer. I tried to handle all of the paperwork for Social Security disability shortly after I became ill. Not only did I not get approved after months of waiting, the Social Security office says they can not find my paperwork. Due to the extent of my illness, stress and inexperience with such matters, I had sent off the application and all other documents needed through regular mail. Therefor, I had no proof of my application ever being received by the Social Security department or of me even sending it off in the first place. I was very fortunate that a close friend recommended Elliot Cin. I called him and told him what type of illness I had, what my present and future situation looked like and he told me not to worry, he can help. He helped me with everything. From filling out the application to getting and making sure I had all of my test results and the doctors notes and testimonies. He was always on time every time we met to go over documents or when needing to meet at the Social Security office. During the actual hearing, it was reassuring that he was there to be able to answer the judge's questions and the questions of the other doctors present. At times it seemed during the hearing I didn't understand a word because there were so many codes being said, so it made me more nervous and confused than I was to begin with. Also, during my first hearing, there was not an expert in the field of my disease and Mr. Cin helped me get another hearing that would be more fair for me if there were an expert in the field of my disease there. If I would have went on my own, I would have assumed they SS department would have an expert in my disease at my hearing and went along with the decision they gave me. However, because Elliot was with me and with his experience he knew that it would be only fair if the right expert was there, he was able to help get me another hearing. When my next hearing was scheduled, again Elliot was there on time and prepared. I was blessed with an approval of my case. I was supposed to receive back payments and did not. I called Elliot, we met the next day at the Social Security office and sat there almost the entire day until it was our turn and we straightened everything out. Within three weeks I received a payment. I wanted to say thank you again to Elliot and to let everyone know that to choose Elliot as their lawyer would be one of their best choices. With my personal situation, I needed extra help with many things to make my case complete and successful. As I battle with my illness that comes with a many side effects, which two major ones are terrible memory and confusion, I try to manage our family with six children, it would have been to difficult of a task for me to undergo and be successful with out the help of Elliot. Thanks for listening and good luck!

Lior TurJman

Mr. Elliott Cin is an excellent lawyer. I was referred to him by my rheumatologist and I had been Blessed to have him as my lawyer. Mr. Cin is very honest, knowledgeable, and patient. He had explained the entire process to me every step of the way. From the first time that I had called his office until the very end of the entire appeal process, he had always taken time out of his very busy schedule to answer any and all of the questions that I had asked in reference to the social security disability appeal process. I am very grateful and thankful to God for allowing us to be able to win the social security disability court appeal. I am also very grateful and thankful to Mr. Cin for helping me to win the social security disability court appeal.

Renita M. Williams

Dear Elliott, I would like to personally thank you for your representation of me in my lawsuit. I truly believe you went above and beyond your legal obligation to me as your client. The help you gave me with cash advances to get to the Dr. when i needed to go but could not afford the trip or the office visit, finding the party involved when she disappeared, and fighting the insurance company on my behalf to get the largest award possible. Your encouragement and support during this time meant so much to me and again thank you for everything.

Kathi Holt

I would highly recommend Attorney Cin for your Social Security Case. Attorney Cin is very knowledgeable and thorough about the laws and what is required in order to have a successful case. Thank you kindly for your patience with me while I gathered the information you needed for my case.

Tammy H

Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to recommend Mr. Elliott Cin as your disability attorney. I have known Mr. Cin for two years and have nothing but positive things to say. He was highly recommended to represent my claim. There is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Cin will be an excellent attorney to represent your case. He is an expert in disability law. With his experience, knowledge, and dedication, he helped me win my disability claim. Please do not hesitate on contacting me at 281.900.2888 if you have any further questions.

Priscilla Da Vigo

I want to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Elliott Cin for the awesome job he did with my auto accident case. I was the victim of a multiple car accident that left me with significant back injuries and medical bills, while trying to navigate the complexities of multiple insurance companies. Before Mr. Cin became my attorney, I felt lost and overwhelmed. Throughout the duration of my case, he was very supportive and helped me get through the stress of a difficult time. I found Mr. Cin to be both dedicated and persistent as he worked through the intricate legal maze. He was great with guiding me through the process and always responded to my phone calls and emails. Because of his professional services, I was able to obtain much needed medical treatment and my case was ultimately settled, resulting in a very favorable outcome. I will always be grateful for the many hours of hard work by Mr. Cin and for his determination that brought about a successful conclusion with my case. I have no hesitation recommending Mr. Cin to anyone seeking the services of an attorney.

Evelyn Gonzales

Dear Mr. Elliott Cin,

I would like to take this time out to truly say thank you, I can not even began to express how thankful I am for you. The fight with social security was indeed the hardest. I can remember days of crying and praying and just not understanding why I could not be approved. I would wait and wait for a letter from social security only to receive a denial letter. Everytime I opened a letter from social security my heart dropped. I was so lost and I was so alone in this fight with them. I am God fearing and I have great faith in the Lord and I know that he led me to you because I was tired of fighting and I was tired of crying. This is why i know prayer is powerful because i struggled to get to my knees to pray I could not just say a prayer I had to go to my knees and ask the Lord to please guide me to the right attorney I cannot fight this fight alone please lead me there with no obstacles let the first name I see be the attorney I need. When I was done praying I wiped my eyes and googled disability lawyers in Houston Tx and I promise your name was the first. This just proves that prayer is powerful and the Lord is real. I knew when I was in your presence that it was all the Lords work. I have not stopped thanking him for you. I cannot thank you enough. I know that this is what you do all the time handle cases but when your on the clients side of the table it means so much to have a good attorney I know I'm so grateful I will forever tell people about you and how wonderful you are. This was a hard fight my only regret Is I didnt know you sooner. I will tell anyone you are the best lawyer one can have and I again say Thank You So Much!

Kimberly Ford

I have started my process to apply for disability with Mr. Cin about 3 years ago.
Through out the process Mr. Cin always was there for me ,always available for any questions that I had. In addition Mr. Cin has a lot of knowledge in the disability process and social security office.
I would highly recommend to anyone that needs a lawyer for disability to go with him.
He never gave up on my case and we finally won after 3 years.

Iris Deleon

As a mayor of the small town from time to time I need legal assistance in my personal life I highly recommend Elliott Cin to anyone in need Of any type of legal Help He always gives 110% to His cases He is very kind and considerate and knowledgeable in the law I would highly recommend Mr. Cin as an attorney.

Dorothy Welch

Peer Endorsements

To whom it may concern: I have known and worked with Elliott Cin for over 15 years. He is a terrific and accomplished attorney with sterling values. He is diligent and very respectful of his clients, his co-workers and his staff. It has been a pleasure knowing and working with him. – Suzi Waldman Gerstenhaber
Elliott works very hard for his client and is very knowledgeable about the law. He has great ethics and I highly recommend him as an attorney and human being. – Andrew Traub
Elliott is a highly competent and highly ethical attorney. In all of my encounters with him I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable about personal injury and Social Security Disability matters. I highly recommend him. – Eric Pines